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It’s a little broader than what you might be looking for, but can definitely help as a starting tool for what companies to look into. You can find it here: . I hope this helps!Best,– Amy Thanks for reaching out!So you’ve still got a monthly monitoring contract with ADT?Are you looking to stay with this company or would you like to switch to a different one?If you’re looking to stay, ADT does have packages starting at $36. 99/month for basic landline monitoring. remote secure video and smart phone monitoring. If you’re looking to use a different system with your current ADT equipment, then I’d recommend reaching out to the home security monitoring company directly to see if their system is compatible with the ADT equipment you already know.

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You'll also receive a live video feed of your home security camera system available on any Internet connected device, including smartphones, tablets, or computers.

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Owning a dog ownership has long been a cited method of maintaining a safe home and deterring against burglars.

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If you do choose to move forward with the rate change, gift card, or waived monitoring that we offered to help you through your current situation, please reach back out to us so that we can help.

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Without subscribing, you gain a reliable assistant working seamlessly if all your devices are on the same Wi Fi only.