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I purchased a Stevens 12 gauge pump with a synthetic stock and pistol grip for $220, also from Wal Mart. There are other gauges than a 12 that some people will argue to the end is better than another, and they are entitled to their opinion, but that doesn't really help you. The reason I say 12 over any other is because a 12 gauge is easily the most common. Which makes it more affordable; as well as the ammo. Also, in a catastrophic situation that has you searching abandoned houses to survive you are far more likely to find 12 gauge ammo than any other shotgun shells. A 12 gauge holds more pellets than a smaller gauge so there is a greater chance of hitting the target whether it is an intruder or a bird flying away.

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The company provides several Simplisafe packages to choose from.

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An Intrusion Detection Inspection was recommended running about $2,000.

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Since we are a local independent Austin security company, we are not limited by any one brand of home security equipment.

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On top of the kit and camera costs there are also some subscription plans that you have the option of buying into.