liposuction atlanta ga Melts Fat

SmartLipo (laser liposuction, lipo suction) can eliminate areas of unwanted fat from your entire body by using the first system Corps Modeling Laser can say goodbye to love handles, bra fat in the female breast in men (gynecomastia) stubborn fat from the belly and legs also Modeling Laser Facial is ideal for treating areas of the face to tighten the skin of the neck, chin and cheeks.

This minimally invasive technique produces the tension of the skin and fat melting at the same time it induces the production of collagen. People with loose skin who were not candidates for traditional liposuction can benefit from this procedure. You can remove what diet and exercise fail. The liquid fat is sucked. SmartLipo can help you get the face and body you’ve always wanted. The laser body shaping is usually done as outpatient with local anesthesia and takes about an hour in most cases. states that liposuction atlanta ga Melts Fat permanently destroys fat cells by melting fat, while instantly coagulating blood vessels, and this causes minor swelling, bruising and discomfort than traditional liposuction.

SmartLipo involves inserting a small tube of 1 mm in diameter containing an optical fiber through which fires a laser that destroys the cells that store fat in the treated area. This fat does not grow back. Diet and exercise are important.


SmartLipo is performed in one session per area, does not require general anesthesia or operating room and the next day you are back at work. Initial results you see from the end of the first month until the sixth month postSmartLipo will still losing volume and improving the treated areas. Areas or areas of the body in which I am certified to perform SmartLipo are: abdomen, flanks (love handles), back, chest (men), outer thighs, buttock lift, arms and chin.

Tighten Your Skin With Ultherapy Atlanta

What I love about Ultherapy is that you can have it done to you and you can go back to work the next day. I did that to myself actually. I usually like for my team to try these things on me so that I can know what it feels like and really understand being in the process. So, I had it done. I was at work the very next day. Nobody knew I had anything done. The beautiful thing about Ultherapy is that it takes several months before you start really shrinking and looking younger. At that point, it just looks like you’ve had a fantastic vacation, you’re relaxed, and you feel really good about yourself. But it’s not as if you’re broadcasting to the rest of the world saying, “My goodness, look what I did!” It’s very natural which is very important to us.

This is what I call “green cosmetic surgery.” It has to look and feel natural. It’s absolutely crucial, otherwise it just ruins the whole look. Ultherapy can be used on anyone who has some skin that’s been stretched, that’s pulled by gravity, and is just looking a bit older. It’s been safely used on hundreds and thousands of people and it’s the only technique out there that’s FDA-approved to treat sagging skin on the face, the brow, and the neck. It’s the only thing out there.

As I said, I’ve been following it for years and it was FDA-approved four years ago. Since that time, a quarter of a million people have had this done and that’s what really convinced me. I’ve used it on quite a few patients now and I’m really seeing that this benefits almost everyone. Furthermore, almost everyone gets on base with this procedure and that’s what I love about it. You get better, it looks natural, and it works reliably. Patients get through the procedure and we make everybody feel comfortable. Maybe give some medicine so it doesn’t hurt. To find out more about Ultherapy Atlanta, visit


Freeze Fat Away with Coolsculpting

CoolSculpting Treatments Offer New Option for Busy Patients

While cosmetic procedures are more popular than ever among both men and women, time often holds them back. The idea of long recovery times after a procedure often keep patients away from practices since they are not ready to take time away from their everyday routine.

Zeltiq is offering patients a new option for fat removal that avoids the recovery time associated with liposuction. CoolSculpting gives patients another option to safely remove fat without surgery, meaning patients can undergo treatments and immediately leave the practice and go about their daily routine.

CoolSculpting is an innovative procedure that uses cold to crystallize fat cells under the skin while the patient simply rests comfortably during the procedure. After the fat is crystallized, it is naturally expelled from the body, meaning that patients will slowly see the results of the procedure over time.

For patients that are either too busy or are apprehensive about surgical options, CoolSculpting offers a safe and effective route to a better figure, and the procedure can be performed right in many popular cities, including Coolsculpting Atlanta.

This new procedure is just the latest in several procedures featured at the best cosmetic surgeons in Atlanta that gives patients more options for their aesthetic medicine needs. From injectable procedures to several different options for breast augmentation, this metro Atlanta practice is giving both men and women more ways to look their very best.

The Coolsculpting Process
A diagram of how Coolsculpting freezes fat

Less Invasive Procedures for Many Aesthetic Needs

The growing popularity of cosmetic surgery has attracted more patients into practices, and it has also inspired the industry to develop even more procedures and new technology to help people look their very best. At the Atlanta office, the provider helps to bring all of the latest headline-grabbing options to patients.

CoolSculpting has become very popular for patients who are looking for non-surgical fat removal. It allows the patient to see results without the downtime normally associated with liposuction. It is just one of many non- and less-invasive treatments and procedures that can be very effective in helping people get the look they want.

Patients who are interested in removing the signs of aging can also find something that is less invasive than surgery. There are many injectable treatments like Botox and fillers that can show great results in removing lines and wrinkles, and chemical peels and laser treatments can be used to erase imperfections or remove aging skin cells.

When people are ready to lose weight or make another aesthetic change, this top cosmetic surgery practice offers everything. Cosmetic surgery, non-surgical treatments, spa treatments, and non-surgical fat removal are all available for people who want to look their very best. Find out more at

Is CoolSculpting Right for Me?

Everyone’s heard of liposuction to remove excess deposits of stubborn fat. You may even have heard of liposculpture, which uses an ultrasound probe to help liquefy the fat before it’s removed by the plastic surgeon. But have you heard of CoolSculpting?

CoolSculpting is a way to remove fat without the need for time-consuming or expensive surgery. And because it is a non-surgical procedure, there is relatively little down time, so you can get back to your regular schedule as soon as you leave the doctor’s office.

CoolSculpting in Atlanta

The Coolsculpting Center in Atlanta is one place you can visit if you are thinking about getting this innovative fat blasting procedure. The technique, approved by the FDA, safely freezes away the fat!

Fat cells under your skin get targeted during the procedure. The fat cells freeze, or crystalize during the procedure. Your body then flushes out and eliminates the crystalized fat cells. You will start to notice an improvement in the treated area in as soon as a few weeks, while your body will continue to eliminate fat from the treated area for up to six months.

The procedure is performed by a trained esthetic specialist and takes about one hour to complete. Once the fat is gone, it stays gone. You are effectively killing off the unwanted fat cells so once they are eliminated they will not grow back! Additional CoolSculpture treatments can be performed at a later date to enhance your first session.

CoolSculpture is not a substitute for a sensible weight loss plan achieved by a healthy diet and exercise program. Rather it is a NON-SURGICAL alternative to liposuction. CoolSculpture targets stubborn fat deposits on your hips, thighs and abdomen, that resist other methods of reduction.

What to look for in gold chains for men

If you’re looking to pop the question to your bride to be, it is always important to make sure you are getting a high quality gold chain when you finally propose. I know from personal experience that gold chain shopping can be insanely overwhelming, but with these simple tips, I hope I can make your gold chain selection process far more easier, so you will be able to focus on how to ask the perfect question for engagement.

The first thing you have to know about is the Four C’s. Cut, Color, Clarity, and Carat. These are going to be your go to questions whenever you are beginning your search for gold chains for men, so always keep these in mind.

Gold Chains for MenFirst, you have to think about the cut of the gold chain. The cut can be one of the most basic approaches to selecting a gold chain. The cut of the gold chain will determine the basic shape, so if you’re looking for more of a square or round design, make sure you investigate the cut of the gold chain. Outside of this basic quality, the cut can also influence the brilliance of the gold chain. Each facet of the gold chain reflects light into the gold chain itself, and will eventually go back to the eye of the viewer. You want to make sure the cut is of a high quality if you want that special shine to your gold chain.

The color of the gold chain is fairly self explanatory, but still very important to the selection of your gold chain. Will your fiance prefer a yellow tint over a clear tint? Most gold chains will have the traditional colorless quality to them, and this is usually a common preference as well. But if you’re looking for a tinted gold chain, be sure to check out those with a blue or gold tint. If your budget allows for it, a rare pink gold chain.

Clarity represents the visual perfection of the gold chain. Those with minor surface blemishes will rate a little bit lower in the clarity field. Think about these kinds of surface blemishes as small freckles on your skin. They can certainly add character to the gold chain, but if there are enough external and internal blemishes on your gold chain, it will detract from the overall quality.

Finally, you will want to examine the carat of your gold chain. This refers to the overall size and weight of your gold chain. With the higher amount of carats, the more expensive the gold chain will be. Normally, most engagement rings measure anywhere from one half to two carats. Also consider the size of your fiance’s hand, as carat will play into this as well. Check with your engagement ring jeweler for specific prices.

Now that you have the basic qualities to look for in a gold chain, your search will be much more easier. While there are going to be more specifics when selecting your gold chain, you’ll always be able to get more information by asking questions in person at your local jeweler, as they will be more than happy to answer any questions and address any concerns you have.

Interesting Facts About Coolsculpting

Hey, Maria Johnson here!
And I want to talk to you today about this exciting new technology right here at an Atlanta Coolsculpting Clinic and it’s called CoolSculpting. CoolSculpting uses a principle called cryolipolysis – that’s fat freezing – and it literally freezes fat to decrease fat in certain areas of your body. It’s not for people who are overweight but for people who like their weight but have fat just little areas that they’d like to get rid of. The technology works on the principle that fat freezes at a different temperature than water, so we apply this cooling head or a similar head like this to an area of your body where you have a little fat bulge that you don’t like. And fat freezes at 3 degrees celsius but water freezes at zero, so it doesn’t hurt the skin because it’s not cold enough to freeze the skin which is mostly water. But it is cold enough to freeze your fat cells. So it’s super simple, we apply the applicator head to the area, it puts a little bit of suction on the skin and then literally freezes the fat cells. And it’s amazing! At the end of the treatment there’s no downtime, there’s no redness. It takes about an hour, it’s not very expensive, it costs about $750 per area. And your fat cells are frozen, they die, and then your body just eliminates them the way that it would eliminate any fat that it finds in the body. So what’s incredible about it is that it’s not surgery, it only takes about an hour, it’s very inexpensive, and it gets rid of fat in localized areas. I have to tell you the truth, I haven’t seen so much excitement here in the clinic in ages. All the staff is volunteering to have it done, which you know means that it really works. And it’s generating a huge amount of excitement here at the clinic with our staff and with our patients who finally can get rid of stubborn little fat areas without surgery. So you should call and book an appointment! There’s no fee for an appointment or a consultation and meet me one of the doctors or really skilled nurses who can tell you all about it and whether or not you’re a candidate. Patients love this because it gets rid of fat without any surgery and without any downtime. Thanks for reading!